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  1. Setrag Avakian · April 8, 2013 Reply

    Just out of curiosity, where does the money gathered at this event go to?

    Setrag Avakian

  2. Michael Aroian · March 4, 2014 Reply

    Hey, just wondering if you guys might be open to East Coast bands joining the event next year? I play in a prog/alt/power pop trio called “Elsewhere” and we have a song about the Genocide called “To The Surface”. The link on Spotify is here (I think…need to confirm with my drummer):

    That song got a lot of notice from the folks over at “Rock Tribune” Magazine in Belgium. Anyway, if you guys ever need an East Coast opener, please let me know. We would be honored to share the stage with you, especially for the 100th anniversary next year!

  3. tukka · April 25, 2016 Reply

    extra-ordinary clues needs extra ordinary evidences. All of the western civizilations is no acceptting Turkish governments offer to opening history archives not only Turkey’s archives but also France’s, Russia’s and England’s archives as well. So if so-called genocide is true why they refusing to open archives bravely. Though I am a opposite person for Turkish government, I dont believe this imprial tyrans fairy tales…
    I have lots of Armenian friends, if there would any genocide you would no chance to live now, just like Indians who really genocided by the America, please think and find some scientifical evidences, or else you seem like so childish with such cryings, a child who has taken care with his step mothers America,England and so…

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